...Darkness is falling.

Eathral, the planet, is dying... Eir alongside her companions, embark upon a journey only to quickly discover the fate of the entire universe now rests in their hands. Join Eir, Kira, Darson, Myrtle, Marsella and Rowan as they travel across the lands to save Eathral from the darkness.

TwilightStar: Heart of Eir

The single-player RPG you’ve been waiting for! By combining our favorite elements of classic ’90s RPGs with the choice of Tactical Turn-Based Combat or Action Motion Combat systems, 7 Party Members to make your team of 4 from, challenging dungeons and a strong semi-linear storyline; then forging those roots with newer modern mechanics like Open World Exploration, Action RPG Gameplay and an island to build a village of your own, our goal is to reinvigorate the genre. Four years into production, TwilightStar: Heart of Eir is getting ready to release to show the world the next RPG Universe, TwilightStar, starting with our first title, Heart of Eir!

DragonClaw Studios Team

Starting off as a team of video game modders years ago, DCS has developed a passion for something more. We have been working on Heart of Eir for over 4 years with just 1 more year to go in development.

Our goal is to bring the nostalgic games like Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Suikoden, Skyrim and many others under a microscope in order to figure out what made the '90s jRPGs and RPGs stick out, discover what made them tick, and then bring them back to life in a modern world.

Help Support the project

Heart of Eir is a large project with 11 team members that work on very limited funding. While it's our goal to develop a modern yet nostalgic game that old and new gamers alike will enjoy playing for ages to come, we can't do it alone.

Our team works incredibly hard and while we take no money ourselves during this production, we still have software licensing and general business costs like this website, cloud servers, hardware, and the tools our developers use.


Tier 1 Support

- Copy of the game


Tier 2 Support

- Copy of the game
- Kira's Necklace


Tier 3 support

- 2 Copies of the game
- Kira's Necklace


Tier 4 support

- 2 Copies of the game
- Kira's Necklace
- Special Discord Role


Game Reviews

What are gamers and Streamers saying about Heart of Eir and DragonClaw Studios?

Twilightstar is a RPG with the potential to be a masterpiece. With a dedicated team at its back it is an excellent example of what the RPG genre has to offer.

so amazingly beautiful. I can spend hours just watching time pass. A wonderful experience that only got better as the world opened up with each new town that I visited. The team behind this is truly one of the best I have had the pleasure to interact with. Great things to be expected in Heart of Eir and from DragonClaw Studios!

A game filled with nostalgia as it brings features and experiences from the days of turn based games to the modern age of gaming with its unique spin making for a truly unique experience

With beautiful art and a battle system that rivals most jrpgs/rpgs. Twilight Star: Heart of Eir will tug at your heart strings and make your jaw hit the floor. ITS ... THAT .. DAM ... GOOD


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