Releasing 2023

Eathral, the planet, is dying... Eir alongside her companions, embark upon a journey only to quickly discover the fate of the entire universe now rests in their hands. Join Eir, Kira, Darson, Myrtle, Marsella and Rowan as they travel across the lands to save Eathral from the eternal darkness and destruction coming their way.

DragonClaw Studios Team

Starting off as a team of video game modders years ago, DCS has developed a passion for something more. We have been working on Heart of Eir for over four years with just one more year to go in development.

 Our goal is to bring nostalgic games like Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Suikoden, Skyrim, and many others under a microscope in order to figure out what made the 90s jRPGs and RPGs stick out, discover what made them tick, and then bring them back to life in a modern world.

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